Tutukaka – Little Memories

Summer !! Just the word brings a grin to my face. The time for beaches, ice creams, bikinis,  slush, endless sun shine, amazing weather and longer days.

In saying that, summers in New Zealand are specially beautiful. You no longer have to deal with the rainy, wet, cold shitty weather. In times like these, I usually run away from Auckland for camping trips. Long weekend or not, I feel amazing sitting outside in the shade of my tent, having beer and bugging the shit out of my partner.

‘Nature has the best music, if only we would stop: and listen’.

Tutukaka brings the above words alive, literally.  This is one of my go to spots, during  weekends. A short drive from Auckland (only about 2-3 hours), this place holds breath taking beauty.  The peace and quiet when I wake up in the morning is my fav part. Far away from the hustle of every day life, this place offers a sanctuary to my heart. The serenity and pureness gives me a new strength, a motivation to go back and fight for the things that matter to me. Every time I go somewhere between nature, I realise I have a little better understanding of myself.

With some great beaches like Whale Bay and Matapouri Bay, it is also home to fantastic beach treks which originate in the woods or up a hill (please go walking if you are some one who enjoys scenery and loves to be outside). There are walks that last any time between 3-6 hours, but there are some short walks too, for someone who prefers to spend less time trudging up and down a hill.

Must Visit: Mermaid Pools (google this place) and Whale Bay.

Accommodation: Camping at Tutukaka Holiday Park, the owners are great, its completely safe/ secure. The place is huge(literally). They also have camper van options and cabins. Book in early during summers because they get full pretty quickly.

Meals and Coffee shops: There is a little diary shop, walking distance from Tutukaka Holiday Park, which has most Fruits/ Vege’s and Grocery. I would still suggest you take the basics, because the shop is a little pricey. There is no other place surrounding the area, so you will have to cook your own food. Unless, you wish to drive to Wellington for a hot meal.

There is a coffee shop near Matapouri bay, again not far from Tutukaka Holiday Park, which serves some great coffee (also weirdly has beers and wines). Again, the drinks are a little pricey compared to what they should be, so buy your stuff before hand (at least initially).


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