This was my first solo travelling experience. It was daunting, it was scary and worst of all, I probably wasn’t ready for it. Don’t get me wrong, I was absolutely ready for the adventures and the travels, the new places and cultures that come along your travel path. What I didn’t have though, was a plan (which for me is foreign territory).

I had suddenly packed my bags one day, tired and mentally exhausted from how unhappy I was with a routine life. Wake up – go to work – have a shit load of coffee – come back, cook – go to bed and continue the nasty circle of what I was made to believe is ‘life’, was just not for me. I was seriously unhappy, and deep within my heart I knew why. I had no time for the things I genuinely loved and cared about. Like travelling, dancing or painting.

I came to Queenstown, not just to travel around and visit a new place like most people do. But for a breath of fresh air, I felt there was always a invisible cage around me. A barrier between me and my soul that I desperately needed to get rid of. I was and I still am trying to find a perspective in my life. I refuse to believe that God almighty created me just to become a slave to corporate entities, bank mortgages or bills.

My experience here has been amazing. The beauty of nature here is like a spell, like magic. It puts a trance on you, one which is difficult to come out of. When you look at the mountains, the sea, the forests: the power of mother nature makes you feel so small and insignificant, it brought chills to my spine.

This place has been the best to me in terms of adventure, because I did some amazing sports like Canyoning, Jet Boats, Sky Diving and Kayaks. But also in terms of healing me in places I didn’t even know pain existed. It has got me to get drunk and make a fool of myself in front of friends, and it has also shown me that I am learning, that my understanding and kindness is now taking new roots and depths.

Overall, a soul baring and a very raw experience for me. Below I have listed the activities/ treks and places I visited in my short time here, for friends who happen to read my thoughts on stuff.

Backpacker: Flaming Kiwi Backpacker (this was seriously a great place to live in, for something as cheap as $25 per night – the cleanliness and hygiene levels were impressive and the people living there are super friendly with lots of suggestions)

Activities: Canonying Queenstown, Shotover Jet Boat Ride, Funyaks, NZone Sky Dive (I would suggest to take a Go Pro or similar camera in activities wherein they allow you to take you own photos and videos, buying photos/ videos on top of the activities becomes pricey. And let’s face it, you could definitely use that money doing another fun activity or getting drunk)

Treks and Scenery: Arthurs Point, Sunshine Bay, Glenorchy, Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, Routeburn Trek, Deans Bank Track – Wanaka and there are so many more around Glenorchy itself (check out the bus schedule before hand, unless you have hired a car. It would be a great idea to have a guided tour for Routeburn trek simply because the walk is long and the guide helps you understand a lot of native/historic information which you would not know other wise). Visit the Department of Conservation for more info on guided walks. The walks are amazing, trust me.

Must Try: Ferg Burger (This place is right on the main street and serves the most amazing burgers you shall ever have)


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